joi, 16 martie 2017

Fragmente Jurnal CIV

The real motive for searching the relevancy by any means (in these dark postmodern times) is in fact the lack of identity (from which we derive life meanings). There is no God anymore to know (and to tell us, if we pray enough) who we are; and is not enough our own judgment about our inner human essence (if there is one) or about what we have (or we can) become. Even if we receive an identity card from society, just by looking at it does not mean anything more than an identification mark and a set of obligations and rights that were imposed or offered to us. Now, we need more; we need to see our reflections in others. We need to convince acquaintances and strangers that we are somebody (either by climbing hierarchies, either by acting or looking different, either by copying them) in order to receive value. It is the same mechanism by which art works or useful goods are receiving value. Societies (and any other smaller cultures: religions, multinationals, etc…) have become human markets where we offer our souls and bodies for bidding and trading. As a paradox, for our identity we are ready to give in exchange liberty, truth, decency (the real meanings of life) and, in the end, our own lives.

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